The doctors, nurses, and staff at Stem Cell Therapeutics ensure patient safety, comfort, and care throughout the entire process.  Stem Cell Therapy procedures are performed at an actual medical facility within a surgical operating room.  


The Stem Cells are harvested from a patient's own bone marrow, the harvesting location is from the iliac crest (hip) which yields the highest number and most richest concentration of stem cells.       


The Stem Cells are collected into a sterile processing unit, and are then immediately processed within a very specific high resolution centrifuge system located all within the medical facility.  


To ensure precision and accurate placement of the Stem Cells being injected into the area being treated, the usage of guided imagery--a fluoroscope, is used prior to injecting the stem cells and at the point of injection to ensure accurate placement of the cells.   It's important that the harvested stem cells get injected precisely into the area(s) being treated for optimal outcome.

After the procedure, the patient is able to walk and should have minimum activity for 7-10 days post procedure.  The patient may feel a sense of low to mild discomfort in the areas the stem cells were harvested from.  Many patients state they are surprised they didn't have more discomfort, and it just felt like a bruise.  The area being treated, will generally feel fuller and some state, "a fuller tight feeling" for a few days. 

Patient satisfaction has been very high through utilizing this more advanced process, and technique of harvesting the richest highest concentrations of Stem Cells from the iliac crest bone marrow versus other locations being used in

the market place.