Stem Cell Therapeutics has been the leaders in providing Stem Cell Therapy, and has been in business since 2014.  Our mission is to provide a unique opportunity for care of arthritic joints, for patients within Michigan, Ohio, and Canada.  Dr. Jankowski and his staff have active practices in pain management, and helping patients regain a healthier life and to avoid major surgeries if possible, is very important.

The use of Stem Cell Therapy allows Dr. Jankowski, and Dr. Bitkowski, to provide an enhanced and more natural level of care.   The use of ones own stem cells to treat pain, and health issues, represents a new era in medicine and treatments.   Thankfully, stem cell treatments are now also being performed to treat a wide variety of health issues, in addition to musculoskeletal system conditions. 

Dr. Jankowski obtained his medical degree from Michigan State University, and has been a board certified physician for over 25 years treating patients from all counties in Michigan, Ohio, and Canada as well.  Dr. Jankowski is a highly experienced Osteopathic Physician, he has previously served as Director of Surgical Cardiac Anesthesia at Oakwood Hospital, Director Instructor for Residency Anesthesiology, and has served numerous committee's, board's, and societies.

Over the past decade Dr. Jankowski owns and directs very successful pain management practices, providing healthcare to a diverse patient base within his multiple practices in Southfield, Dearborn Heights, and Birmingham, MI.   Dr. Jankowski has extensive expertise providing care to a wide array of degenerative joint disorders, diseases, and health issues throughout the entire body from head to toe.

In having treated thousands of patients with a variety of painful medical conditions, Dr. Jankowski has tremendous enthusiasm for implementing stem cell therapy as part of healthcare treatments.   Dr. Jankowski provides patients with a natural and attainable alternative that can give positive results.  

After training all over the country over the past several years to learn in depth, and a variety of Stem Cell Therapy procedures, and Dr. Jankowski continues to stay at the forefront as a leader within Michigan, performing procedures.  In being the mentor, and outstanding instructor, Dr. Jankowski shares his knowledge through teaching many Physicians, P.A.'s, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses.   Many clinicians are eager to study under Dr. Jankowski, to learn the growing science behind Stem Cell Therapy, applications, techniques, and procedures that may also help their patients.  


Dr. Jankowski is highly experienced, educated, and a pay-it-forward person that goes above and beyond to assist others in anyway possible.  Come in for a consultation and you will see how Dr. Jankowski is very personable, caring, easy to talk to, and extremely knowledgeable.  


Dr. Bitkowski obtained his medical degree from Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, in California.   Dr. Bitkowski has been a board certified physician for nearly 10 years, with having done residency years becoming a General Surgeon, studying in Washington D.C., and within prominent hospitals such as Henry Ford Hospital, Botsford Hospital, and Washington D.C. Hospital Center. 

Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Bitkowski, has also acquired numerous academic degree's with honors from Wayne State University, and studied business both in New York, and internationally abroad in Rome, Italy.    

Dr. Bitkowski has exceptional surgical experience as a General Plastic Surgeon, and Surgical Breast Oncologist.  In addition, conducted numerous research reviews relating to Oncology, Plastic, and General Surgery,   Dr. Bitkowski is well versed in many areas of Medicine, and for the last several years has chosen to focus his knowledge and is providing care for advanced disease pain, and management, for patients throughout all of Michigan.  


With Dr. Bitkowski's dedication to all of his academics, surgery, medicine, and patient care-- providing  stem cell therapy to patient's is something Dr. Bitkowski is passionate about, and highly skilled at providing. 

Our team of Doctors can help you get back your quality of life, by using your own Stem Cells!